Consuming Bird's Nest During Pregnancy

Pregnant Women

During pregnancy, the consumption of bird's nest can increase nutrition and improve the overall health of the mother. After giving birth, consumption of Bird's nest can lead to faster recovery and can help the mother in regaining slim figure.

Time-Tested Health-Giving Properties

Bird's nest is pleasant on the palate, contains plenty of nourishment and possesses what the Chinese call "rejuvenating effects". Modern science has helped ascertain the age-old belief that bird's nest contains a host of different proteins (essential to life), vitamins and various other minerals.

Research has found that bird's nest contains the epidermal growth factor. This helps explain why Bird’s nest is well-known to strengthen the body, moisturize the skin, maintain beauty, provide energy and enhance the metabolism of fat. The bird's nests are adaptable for either sex or any age group.

Independent laboratory investigation has also revealed that bird's nest contains a water soluble glyco-protein that promotes cell division within the immune system. These findings lend support to the belief that bird's nest promotes growth and tissue repair. Not only that, bird's nest strengthens the body's self-regulating actions and provides resistance to disease.