How Red "Blood Bird's Nest" is formed

It was said that the reddish brown colored bird's nests are products by the mother birds who have rebuilt the nests for many times until their saliva becomes blood. The reddish brown bird's nests thus, are rated as the supreme delicacy rich in nutrition which gourmets will pay any costs to taste them.

Recently, many researchers have discovered that the reddish brown colour is the result of chemical reaction between oxygen, iron and humidity which results in rust. Humidity also stimulates the rust to be absorbed into the nest making them reddish brown. These nest are normally found in bird houses built near to the coastal areas and are extremely rare. There are actually no more nutrition in this kind of nests than in the others.
There are several theories on how this blood bird's nest came about.
Real blood bird's nest is made when a swallow eats lotus seeds and its saliva becomes red.
Nevertheless, Some businessmen have been selling fake red bird's nests in Singapore.
Bird's nest, both white and red, can be faked using ingredients such as pig's skin, Chinese herbs and white fungus.
Bird's nest, both white and red, can be faked using ingredients such as pig's skin, Chinese herbs, white fungus, and seaweed.
Some swallow breeders add nitrites to create the blood bird's nest, which could pose a health risk.
Blood bird's nest is specially made when the accumulation of swallow faeces in caves caused the bird's nest to change in colour".
Businessmen subsequently said that the red "blood bird's nest" was due to swallows creating blood nests.
"This way, people would believe that the blood nests were precious, and so its price would be pushed higher."
He added that some swallow breeders deliberately do not clear the swallow droppings to discolour the bird's nest. Some even create "bird's nest" and sell them to retailers and customers. But there is a way to spot the fakes.
"Fake bird's nest will not grow in size when soaked in water. The colour will also fade. Authentic bird's nest will grow up to eight times its size when placed in water," he said.