About Us

  Why Chandra Kartika Bird's Nest?

In the bird's nest business, these nest passes through many hands before they are actually sold to the consumers. From harvesting of the nest, to the cleaning, exporting to the whole-sellers right up to the medical halls. With each department passed, cost are incurred in cleaning right up to the importing of the nest, thus prices of these nest skyrocketed. 

Medical hall buys these bird's nest from the whole-sellers in kilograms regardless of their quality and size. After which these nest are then hand-picked and separated in terms of their size and quality. Nests sold at medical hall are charged according to the weight of the nest.

Chandra Kartika's bird nest are harvest from our very own bird houses and cleaned by our very own experienced workers. Every nest is cleaned thoroughly using only water, no chemicals or bleaches are used. Cleaned nest are than packed and directly exported to Singapore and sold straight to the consumers.

They're packed into a beautiful box worthy as gifts for any occasions.
(Wholesalers are welcomed to inquire)
For more inquiries, email us at ckbirdnest@gmail.com