Benefits of Consuming Bird's Nest

Three main Benefits in the consumption of bird's nest:  
  • Enhances the rebirth of cells and tissues. 
  • Improves the immune system functions of our body  
  • Improves the body's tolerance toward the damage done by X-rays or other radioactive reagents.

-More Benefits-
Ladies: Frequent consumption promotes fairer skin, staying young and looking radiant. 

Pregnant Women: Consuming of bird's nest during pregnancy improves the immune functions of the foetus and improves the mother's ability to recover easily and quickly after giving birth. 

Elders: Clears the phlegm and also strengthen lungs and kidneys. It improves spleen as well as enhancing our appetite. 

Children: Enhances immune ability, building a resistance to common colds or seasonal flu 

Men: Improves kidney and strengthens the lungs, improves immune system