Genuine Or Fake

  • The real bird's nest are the natural ones.

Fake Nest
  • There are many fake bird's nests in the markets of which they are coated with egg whites or jelly, thus increasing their actual weight. 

  • A real nest is ivory in colour, the extremely white nests are results of bleeching. Merchants do this as some nest are unable to be thoroughly cleaned. By bleeching, the excess feathers and dirt turns to white in colour.

  • Consuming bleeched nests pose a hazard to the consumer's health.

       Flavour and Dryness:
  • Important criteria in purchasing bird's nest is the smell. Genuine bird's nest carries a little bit of fishy smell of the swallow's saliva. When cooked, it gives off a light aroma resembling egg whites.

  • It is important to select bird's nest that is completely dry. A sticky and soft bird's nest contains lots of moisture. They are results of illegal merchants spraying the nest with water to make them look bigger and increasing their weight, thus costing more. A moist bird's nest would result in difficulties for storage as it would attract mould easily and has low swelling capacity.